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26 June 2018

Dear Resident,

RE: Silver Birch Trees located outside 43 Penny Piece and 48 Piercy End Kirkbymoorside

Please be advised that the Town Council is in receipt of Application No 18/00599/CAT submitted by North Yorkshire County Council to fell the 2 Silver Birch trees on Piercy End. It is not clear if you have been consulted by the applicant (North Yorkshire County Council) so I am writing to ensure that you are fully informed of the situation.

The following recommendation has been submitted by the applicant to the Planning Authority (Ryedale District Council) in support of the application:

‘In my view, both trees should be removed. The one at the southern end of Piercy End has extensive decay in a number of limbs and these will eventually fail.

The one outside No.43 Penny Piece has been pruned very poorly in the past, which has created a weak union and I would therefore recommend this is also removed.

A third Birch located on Market Place near the junction with Crown Square, though safe and reasonably healthy, is a poor specimen for a street tree so you may want to remove this too.
I would recommend replacement of all three with a cylindrical shaped variety such as Hornbeam.

Tree & Countryside Officer
Environmental Services
Scarborough Borough Council

This information was received by the Town Council at the meeting on June 18th 2018, together with the following recommendation provided by the Tree and Countryside Officer, Ryedale District Council, as follows:

'.. they are the only trees in the street so their removal will be noticed. They do provide a public visual amenity despite their obvious faults.

I do not think any of the trees are an immediate risk but they do have faults: showing signs of poor pruning, physical damage to the main stem and lack of vitality. The High market place tree does not look to have grown much in the last 10 years if you look on Google street view.

If there were other trees in the street certainly removal and replanting would be the way to go and in the medium term this may well be the eventual outcome but it may be advisable to try and eke out the value of the trees a bit longer.

Perhaps remove the High market tree first and replant but do some work to provide a better growing place for the replacement as the existing tree does seem to be in check.

Undertake remedial works such as crown reduction to the 2 other trees to reduce the risk of fracture but retain them for a few more years.

I’m not so sure the trees need to be removed as a matter of urgency, they do have problems but could be retained for a limited time with some careful management neither am I convinced that a small tree in a small box is an adequate replacement. The existing trees in boxes are not looking great, but it is your street scape! I would say if the town wants trees in its high street it is possible to plant these and manage these properly so they are safe, have amenity value, provide all the other benefits that trees can provide and have a decent lifespan

The trees in question are the last remaining trees on the main street and it would be a shame if they were removed.’

The Town Council said they preferred the recommendation to retain the trees for as long as possible. The minute with regards to this consideration is as follows and has already been submitted to Ryedale District Council: 18044         NYCC HIGHWAYS & TRANSPORTATION

  1. b)It was noted that NYCC Highways have carried out a risk and safety assessment of the 2no. silver birch trees on Piercy End and 1no. silver birch on High Market Place and the recommendations of the Tree and Countryside Officer were received. The Town Clerk confirmed that she had received notification of Application 18/00599/CAT Notice to Fell Trees in a Conservation Area on 18th June 2018, in respect of the 2no. silver birch at 48 Piercy End and 43 Penny Piece, Piercy End. This application will be considered by the Planning Committee and full Council on 16th July 2018. The Town Clerk provided details of an assessment carried out by the Ryedale District Council Tree and Countryside Officer, the recommendation being that a crown reduction would reduce the risk of fracture and retain the trees for a few more years. The Town Council said they preferred the recommendation to retain the trees for as long as possible. The Town Clerk explained that having been told by Cllr Dowie about the appointment of Sir William Worsley as England’s Tree Champion she had emailed Sir Worsley to seek his advice about how best to retain the trees in the town and enhance the streetscape by the addition of more trees. The Town Council agreed that the streetscape throughout the town centre would be improved with the introduction of more trees and the feasibility of accommodating additional cast tubs should be explored, specifically to ascertain the cost, street furniture licencing arrangements and insurance implications.

Sir William Worsley has confirmed that local authorities (in this case NYCC Highways Authority) are responsible for managing street trees and while felling will sometimes be required, for health and safety reasons or to carry out essential development, alternatives should always be considered first. Furthermore, to improve transparency and better involve communities in local decisions, Defra will shortly publish a new local authority manual on tree maintenance and are driving forward plans to require councils to properly consult before felling.

Application 18/00599/CAT (Notice to Fell Trees in a Conservation Area) will be considered by the Town Council Planning Committee at the meeting on 16th July 2018 and the deadline for observations to be submitted to Ryedale District Council is 23rd July 2018. You are very welcome to attend the meeting and your views on the matter are of great importance to the Town Council. If you are unable, or disinclined to attend the meeting but would still like to express your views these can be emailed directly to Ryedale District Council This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including 18/00599/CAT in the subject line. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me and I will endeavour to assist you.

Assuring you of the Town Council’s best intentions.

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Church House

7 High Market Place
York YO62 6AT
Tel: 01751 432217

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Town History

Kirkbymoorside has a long and interesting history.  The local history group has built a collection of documents and items and has created a body of writing about the town's past.  You can find a summary here, or look out for exhibitions by the group.