For several years the Town Council has presented an award to people who have made a significant contribution to the community.

The closing date for nominations for the 2019/20 Community Award is 31st January 2020. For a Nomination Form Click here

On Tuesday 7th May 2019, at the Annual Town Meeting held in The Moorside Room, The Town Mayor, Cllr Angus Ashworth, presented the Community Award to Sarah Louise Ashworth. 

Sarah Louise Ashworth was nominated for the community award by former students of the Sarah Louise Ashworth School of Dance:

‘Since January 2006, Miss Sarah has inspired and motivated hundreds of young people in this community through dance. Her ‘Sarah-Louise Ashworth School of Dance’, which I attended from the beginning, has given so many people in Kirkbymoorside and the surrounding area the opportunity to discover a love for dance and an appreciation of the performing arts.  It is not only as the founder and lead instructor of the dance school that Miss Sarah has contributed to our community: through her dedication and commitment, her passion for dance is a catalyst for changing people’s lives.

Through Miss Sarah’s influence, students reach a superb standard in a huge variety of dance styles. The school has become not only a lifestyle for many of the students, but also a home. Miss Sarah is one of the most genuine and supportive people I have been lucky enough to work with. Without her dedication and the passion that inspires her students, so many of us would not be where we are today.  The school is a point of love, inspiration, and dedicated hard work within the community, especially for the younger generations. I can think of no one better to nominate for this award, as someone who single-handedly has such an important impact on the younger generations of our community.’

At the 2018 Annual Town Meeting the Community Award was received by all the Kirkbymoorside fire fighters:

Adrian Sleightholme
Chris Clark
Philip Kay
Sean Kay
John Watson
John Harland
Ryan Rivis
Ben Gamble
Tom Eddery

2018 Community Award Group resized


The Mayor applauded the firefighters for their commitment to the community and expressed that the choice to volunteer to this particular role is highly commendable and greatly appreciated. The commitment involved in being a retained firefighter is not to be underestimated and the service they provide is invaluable. Thank you on behalf of Kirkbymoorside.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service was represented by Marc Warren, Group Manager, Scarborough & Ryedale who gave the following commendation:

“Training is no different whether you work for the fire service full time or part time because we don’t have such things are retained house fires. The level of training the staff get in itself requires an extreme level of work and dedication. Once they have completed the training they carry an alerter and every week they go and practice their skills on a drill night, usually a Monday, and then they declare what hours they are available during the week. It sounds like a great plan and everyone has time set aside to spend with their family. But invariably through the week, usually about 1 hour after everyone has declared their availability, something changes and somebody has to give up time that they had set aside to spend with their family and they have to become available again.

I’ve never been a retained fire fighter myself but as Group Manager for Scarborough and Ryedale I know a lot of them and the amount of stories I have heard of families having picnics outside fire stations because they had planned to go for a picnic and the kids are all dressed and ready and then somebody is not available at the station so somebody else has to commit. The amount of things that get cancelled for families and the amount of things that families have to put up with, it is a real team effort to be able to be a retained fire fighter. Still, to this point in time, I don’t understand why they do it but I know that North Yorkshire wouldn’t survive without them.

It’s not just the families that make a commitment and the officers themselves, their employers make a commitment. Some of the staff here tonight are self-employed, some are employed in primary employment. Any time that the alterter goes, it’s not planned, you don’t know when the next car crash is going to happen, they need to be available, so it does impact their employment. I would like to formally recognise the employers within Kirkbymoorside that allow them to attend emergency incidents as that in itself is part of the team effort, that is the dedication and impact on those employers.

For the self-employed it is perhaps a little easier but the impact is probably even greater because the amount of times that you rely on somebody to come do a job for you, when they’re self-employed, if they don’t turn up the impact on their business is great and this level of commitment needs recognition.

All said and done I would like, on behalf of North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, to formally thank you, the Town Council and the Kirkbymoorside Community, for recognising the level of commitment that most people don’t realise. Well done!”

At the 2017 annual Town Meeting held in the Moorside Room, 9 Church Street at 7pm on Tuesday 9th May the Community Award was presented to John Woodward for his contribution to the Kirkbymoorside Town Brass Band.

2017 Community award - John Woodward.pdf

John has been band leader of Kirkbymoorside Town Brass Band since 1992 and retired in May 2017 but his involvement in the band extended back over many years during which he played, taught and deputised for the late Les Maw. He has lead the band with musicians taught and developed from within our small rural community and it is remarkable that due to John's musical direction the Kirkbymoorsode Town Brass Band has ably competed at the highest level.

In 2016 two Community Awards were presented, to Graham Jemison and Stuart Webster.

                                   2016 Community Award Graham Jemison                2016 Community Award Stuart Webster

Graham Jemison received the award for his contribution to the youth cricket and football teams.

Graham has been coaching the (now) under 11s Kirkbymoorside football team for two years. Prior to this he was the assistant coach for three years. In the summer months, Graham also coaches the Kirkbymoorside Junior Cricket team so he is coaching young people from the Kirkbymoorside area the whole year round. Graham works full time, therefore his role as coach is all-voluntary and absorbs much of what would be his spare time.

Stuart Webster receives the award for his contribution to the Cubs as Assistant Cub Leader and for his commitment to the community, beyond Cubs.

For several years he was an active member of the play area committee and he volunteers with the tractor run. He always looks out for his neighbours, especially the elderly, and is always ready to give a hand. Stuart is an all-round great guy and is an asset to the community.

He is a committed Cub leader, he has been involved with Kirkbymoorside Cubs for nearly 7 years and is a great asset to the group. His practical skills and down-to-earth, can-do attitude make him invaluable, both to his fellow leaders and to the children, for whom he is a strong role model.

The 2015 Community Award was presented to June Cook for her significant contribution to the community.


June was Kirkbymoorside District Nurse for many years and also midwife until she retired when she took on charity work for Marie Curie Cancer Care. In June 1999 June set up and remains Chair of the Kirkbymoorside & District Fund Raising Group who have raised in excess of £304,798.05 for Marie Curie Cancer Care. June is also involved in many community groups and activities such as her involvement with Messy Church at the Methodist Chapel, the Red Cross, Brownies, Elderberry Club, pre-school play group to name but a few. June’s contribution to the community is certainly noteworthy.

In 2014 two awards were presented. Sarah Woodward was nominated for the way in which she has brought music to the community through many different avenues and on a voluntary basis over a number of years.

Edward Clarke Ted Clarke was nominated for his contribution to the football and cricket club as groundsman at the Sportsfield for almost 15 years.

2013 There were no nominations

2012 Paul Magson was nominated for his contribution to the Junior Football club.