Annual Report

You can read the Mayor's Annual Report here



You can ask about any town council service or other matter in the town library any time it is open.


From time to time the council seeks tenders from local contractors for a variety of projects.  None right now - keep looking.


The council can make grants for projects that benefit the town.  More details...

Privacy Notices

To view the Town Council's General Privacy Notice click here

To view the Town Council's Privacy Notice for Staff, Councillors and Volunteers click here

Fix My Street

Quite a few problems can be reported through Fix My Street - a web site with links to Ryedale and North Yorskhire Councils.

The Moorsider

The Moorsider is the town newsletter and is published about four times a year.  A copy is delivered to every household in Kirkbymoorside.  You can download a copy of the latest edition here.

Previous editions are listed below:

December 2012

February 2013

July 2013

December 2013

April 2014

November 2014

March 2015

June 2015

November 2015

March 2016

December 2016

July 2017

December 2017

May 2018

October 2018

Spring 2019

Summer 2019



The Moorside Room


The Moorside Room @ 9 Church Street, Kirkbymoorside, YO62 6AZ is available for hire. The space is ideal for exhibitions, meetings, children's parties, exercise classes, fund raising events  and is the venue for the Kirkbymoorside Musical Memories sessions.

Click Here for a Booking Form


Commercial bookings @ £10 per hour

A 30% discount is available to Local Community Groups and Charities @ £7 per hour

Rates may be negotiated for block bookings and certain events such as exhibitions at the discretion of the Town Clerk.



Manor Vale

Manor Vale is extensively used by the local community for quiet recreation and has open public access. It is located at the northern edge of the town, and is owned and managed by Kirkbymoorside Town Council. Read more about it here.

Kirkbymoorside Town Council welcomes enquiries from the Press & Media and recognises that this facilitates a key line of communication with the residents which is of great importance.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that the Town Council is seen to communicate in a professional and objective manner.

The Council’s approach to the media should be:

  • Open and honest
  • Proactive
  • Responsive and timely

There are two types of press release:

Official Council Releases

An official Council release is made on behalf of the Council as a whole, this will be written and issued by the Town Clerk in accordance with the minute of the meeting at which the matter was agreed. It is non-party political and may include a quote from Councillor(s).

The following protocol applies:

  • All official Council press releases are to be issued on a template that includes the Town Council logo.
  • In the years when elections occur, during periods from the issue of the Notice of Election until the day of the Election, no releases will be issued quoting Council Members. During this time any quotes will be from the Town Clerk.

Councillor Releases

Councillor’s press releases are personal and are written and issued by the Councillor responsible. When speaking to or submitting written communication to the media, unless a Councillor has been specifically authorised by the council to make representation on a particular issue, Councillors should make it clear that it is their personal view and ask that it be clearly reported as such. This release may or may not be political and should not include reference to the Town Council office as a point of contact. Copies of intended releases, especially those of a factual nature, should be provided to the Town Clerk. Council Members are solely responsible for the writing and distribution of all councillor press releases and any Editors Letters to the media.

Should the Council receive a Freedom of Information request on a topic on which there is correspondence (email or written) from or with Members, normally that correspondence would have to be disclosed, unless it was exempt. The fact that the disclosure of the correspondence may prove embarrassing would not, of itself, prevent disclosure. In addition, care should be taken when processing personal data.

The Data Protection Act 1998 prevents the use of personal information other than for the purposes for which it was supplied. Members should bear this in mind when using any personal data which may be supplied to them by their constituents.

Town Council Office

Church House

7 High Market Place
York YO62 6AT
Tel: 01751 432217

Send us a message now

Please be aware that the office is closed on Fridays. The Town Clerk is available to meet with members of the public on Wednesdays between 9.15am and 1pm.


The full council normally meets on the third Monday of each month except August.  Meetings start at 7.30 pm in Church House, High Market Place, Kirkbymoorside.  For committee meetings or to check on council meetings, please refer to our calendar.

Town History

Kirkbymoorside has a long and interesting history.  The local history group has built a collection of documents and items and has created a body of writing about the town's past.  You can find a summary here, or look out for exhibitions by the group.