Since the Moorside Room was opened just over a year ago it has been used by a variety of groups and there have been very interesting exhibitions by the History Group and Camera Club.  There are now plans for a Film Club which will I think be a great addition to facilities in the Town.


During the past year the Council opposed plans to build a large residential development on fields to the west of the town, otherwise known as the Gladman development. Despite the best efforts of our District Councillor Sarah Ward and the Town Council the inspector’s decision was to grant planning permission subject to a number of conditions. The role of the Town Council and our two District Councillors will be to ensure that the conditions are met and to consider and comment on the more detailed plans when they are submitted.

We now know that Tesco will not be building a store in the town and at our meeting on Monday evening the Town Council agreed to contact the company to find out if the site is being sold for residential or commercial use. We want to ensure that it is not left in its current state any longer than necessary.

Recently the Council held a meeting with officers from RDC to discuss the selection of sites for future development. It was agreed that the Town Council would encourage the development of sites that do not jeopardise the character of the town and small to medium in size. It was also agreed that the Economic Officers of NYCC be asked to clarify why employment/industrial development in Kirkbymoorside has been restricted and the focus for this development has been prioritised in Helmsley. We would like to meet with the Economic Officers to discuss how we can be more involved in the consultation for economic development in Kirkbymoorside.

We have had lengthy discussions with the Brass Band, the Scouts, Ravenswick Estate and the owner of the former Highways site in Manor Vale. I understand that there is now a proposal for a building for combined occupation by the Band and the Scouts.  

You may be aware that an application has been submitted to use the former highways depot for light industrial use and storage. This application has been considered by our planning committee and it was agreed that the site is not suitable for such use.

Fracking has been on our agenda several times and we held a very well attended public meeting on the subject. The Council agreed the following policy “We have a number of unresolved concerns about important aspects of fracking, and therefore are opposed to any fracking activities in our locality until such a time as satisfactory answers are forthcoming”.

Kirkbymoorside Brass Band

I want to congratulate the Band on the 200 Anniversary which is being celebrated this year. To mark the occasion they have had a piece of music, “Chirchebi Tales” specially written for the Town. This is a celebration of Kirkbymoorside and a ‘thank you’ to people in the Town for the support they have given the Band. The World Premier of the piece will be at a concert on Sunday 14 June at Helmsley Arts Centre.

The Library

The proposal by NYCC that our Library be funded by the community and run by volunteers is of great concern to the Town Council and I’m sure to many of you.  We strongly oppose the proposal and have sent a detailed response to North Yorkshire. The scrutiny committee of the County Council will consider all responses on 5 June and then make recommendations to the Executive Committee, which will meet in July. Cllr Brampton has agreed to go to the meeting on 5 June to put the case for maintaining County funding for our Library.

The Sportsfield

The Town Council is now responsible for the administration of the Sportsfield and there is a Play Areas and Sports committee dedicated to this task.   Leases have been drawn up with the individual clubs for their buildings and the areas of the field that they use. Discussions are taking place about the way in which the clubs can work together to improve the facilities.


During the past year the council has awarded grants to All Saints Church, Next Steps, a mental health group that meets in the town, the History Group and the Skatepark

In 2013 Lisa collected grant applications for section 106 funding from a number of organisations in the town and submitted them to RDC. Last year we heard that the applications had been successful and in total £107, 400 has now been received. The groups that have benefitted are:

Kirkbymoorside Digital

Purchase of computers and networking equipment and digital projector and screen

Kirkbymoorside Flying Club

Replacement of existing shed on Kirkbymoorside Recreation field

Kirkbymoorside Football Club

New storage facilities for equipment and kit

Kirkbymoorside History Group

The creation of a memorial area within the old churchyard, previously the site of the spoil/rubbish tip

Kirkbymoorside In Bloom

Completion of on-going tub & plaque refurbishment and purchase of equipment

Kirkbymoorside Junior Football Club & Cricket Club

Purchase of a compact tractor

Kirkbymoorside Squash Club

Replacement roof to squash court

Kirkbymoorside Tennis Club

New Tennis Courts

Kirkbymoorside Town Council

Old Library Working Group

Development of the former library building, 9 Church Street, Kirkbymoorside now known as ‘The Moorside Room’

Kirkbymoorside Town Council

Play Areas Committee

Improvements and repairs to skate park

Raising Cycling in Ryedale Group and Kirkbymoorside Environment Group

Development of a network of safe and attractive cycle routes linking communities in Ryedale



Two new initiatives that Lisa suggested and that the Council has supported, have been Canine Watch and Clean Up Our Town. Lisa has put a lot of time and energy into them and I want to thank her for that.


The Council keeps a close eye on expenditure throughout the year and always endeavours to provide good value for money. This year when setting the precept we noted the withdrawal of a £4,000 grant from Ryedale District Council and the near total withdrawal of funding from NYCC for grass cutting, amounting to almost £9,500 loss of income. The Council considered it important to maintain the grass cutting service and in order to achieve this, agreed savings across the budget. It was agreed that the precept be set at £73,500. This is £24,500 per annum less than 4 years ago.


I would like to end my report by saying that it has been a great privilege and a pleasure to be your Town Mayor during the past year. I have enjoyed working with the Town Clerk and my fellow councillors and want to take this opportunity to thank them for their work during the past year.


Mayor Chris Dowie